What to Pack When You're Heading to Rehab

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If you are heading to rehab to get the help that you need, before you leave, you are going to need to pack your bags. When you go to rehab, you are going to need clothing and items to get through the period of time that you will be there, which could be a week, a month, or longer.

Pack the Right Clothing

When you pack for rehab, be sure to include clothing you will be comfortable sitting around and talking in. That doesn't mean you have to wear sweatpants and t-shirts all week though. Pack clothing that you feel comfortable and confident in. This can help with your recovery process. 

Many rehab units have family days and even graduation days for when you complete your program. You may want to pack a couple of nicer outfits for these days. 

Some rehab centers provide workout centers, pool, and alternative physical therapy options, such as yoga.  Make sure to bring some workout clothing if your rehab facility has those opportunities.

Don't forget to pack pajamas that you are comfortable with other people seeing. Many rehab units have you share a room dorm-style, so you'll want to pack pajamas you are comfortable wearing around another person.

You may not have a bathroom attached to your room at rehab, so pack a robe and some slippers to walk around. Pack some flip-flops if you will be sharing a shower with others. 

Be Careful With Your Toiletries

You are allowed to bring toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and soap with you to rehab. You can even bring some basic make-up as well.

However, you can't bring any toiletries that contain alcohol. You'll need to leave your mouthwash, nail polish, nail polish remover, and perfume at home. Any toiletries items that contain alcohol will be confiscated upon arrival. 

Bring Some Entertainment

You'll have downtime to fill, so bring some books, magazines, or an e-book reader. You may also want to bring an MP3 player that is full of your favorite music, podcasts, and even audiobooks. You will have considerable downtime at rehab, so it helps to have something to do during those time periods.

Bring Something to Write With

Rehab can be a reflective time, so bring some materials for writing, journaling, or doodling. Pack up a journal, drawing pad, pencils, and markers, so you have some means of expressing yourself.

If you are going to a long-term rehab center, pack some paper, envelopes, and stamps. Bring a list of your friends' addresses. In your downtime, you can write letters and reach out to family and friends. 

Bring Contact Information

Many rehab centers do not permit you to have a cell phone. Limited contact with the outside world is part of many rehab processes. However, their will be a phone you can use in the facility to contact family and friends. 

If you don't have your friends' and family's phone numbers memorized, create a contact list with their numbers on it. Also, purchase some phone cards so you can make long-distance phone calls. 

Make Your Space Personal

Finally, it is okay to personalize your space. Bring some photos of your family, friends, and favorite activities. These items can help personalize your space and provide you with inspiration to stay focused on your recovery.

If you are particular about your bedding, bring some sheets, blankets, and a pillow from home. Your rehab facility should supply bedding, but sometimes it can be nice to curl up with your own soft blanket at the end of the day. 

What to Leave at Home

There are some items you are going to want to leave at home. Most rehab centers don't let you bring electronics, so that means you need to leave your smart phone, tablet, computer, gaming console, and even your DVDs at home. Most rehab centers will allow you to bring an MP3 or music player though. Some rehab centers will allow you to bring cellphones or computes, but they will restrict your usage of them to specific times, so check on the exact rules before you leave. 

You also can't bring weapons or sharp objects, candles, pornographic material, food, or drinks. 

When you head off to rehab, make sure that you pack the right type of clothing. Bring a few things to entertain yourself with and a way to express yourself, and be sure to bring a few items that will help you stay motivated.

​If you need inpatient services, contact a local rehab facility, such as Pacific Ridge.

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